A SciFi lab to explore the future … and beyond.

Dive into the world of tomorrow with a series of science fiction stories.
In each episode, a unique world is created by telling a different story and being set in a possible future.

The one purpose being to light our way towards the future.

A collaborative and independent digital series fueled by passion, ingenuity and a love for Science Fiction.


When she wakes up with amnesia in a medical room, Angelique learns from Agent Calvin that she is the key to the Namaka program, aiming to prevent an Alien invasion. But the only thing she wants is to find her baby, who was mysteriously taken away by caeseriean section while she was unconscious.

Genre : Science Fiction
Season : 01 - Episodes : 06
Average time per episode : 03 min - Total duration : About 22 min
Written and directed by Gaetan Selle


En cours d’envoi

© 2019 The Flares - Tous les articles et histoires sont sous la licence Creative Commons - Toutes adaptations ou usages commerciaux quelconques sont interdits.

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