The future can’t be predicted, but it can be imagined.

Created by The Flares and Enora Studio, “Chronicles of Tomorrow” is a collaborative and independent digital series fueled by passion, ingenuity and a love for Science Fiction. We try to make the most of our resources, collaborating with various writers, filmmakers and production teams. In each episode, a unique world is created by telling a different story and being set in a possible future. 

The one purpose being

To light our path towards the future.

A worldwide invitation

As our future will be shared by us all our wish is to collaborate without borders and in every language.. Click here if you want to suggest your episode. 

Support us

If you like the concept and what you’ve seen please support us on Patreon. Our wish is to be funded directly through our audience, this in turn will help us put a higher quality into each episode.

Unpredictable release

The episodes are released not every week, not every month but in an unpredictably way. Just like the future is ! Stay tuned on our YouTube channel and subscribe.

How to submit your episode ?

Creative specifications

  • English is the official language of the series. However, we are a French studio and some episodes might be shot in French for various reasons. We are open to other language as well if the story demands it. But we require English subtitle in any case.
  • The length of each episode is between 2 minutes and 10 minutes.
  • Each episode takes place somewhere in the future. From tomorrow to the next millennium. However, the date must stay unknown.
  • Don’t think too big. We have limited resources and try to tell stories with a low production cost. Few characters, and one or two locations is usually a good starting point.
  • We are free to refuse your project, or to suggest some modifications.
  • 1. Read our creative specifications.

    Even if each episode is different, we demand you to respect the creative and technical specification of the series in order to maintain the coherence.

  • 2. Submit your pitch or scenario

    Simply use this form and we will get back to you with a yes, a maybe or a no !

  • 3. Contract and production

    If we are interested to produce your idea, a contract will be set up to facilitate all the legal procedure between the author and the studio.

  • 3. Your vision of the future

    Your episode will be released as part as the « Chronicles of tomorrow ». Well done !

Send us your ``Chronicle of Tomorrow``


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